Wellness & Pool

in the Panorama Hotel Leidingerhof

A holiday in the Panorama Hotel Leidingerhof is designed to be a special experience for you and inspiration for a healthy way of life. We percieve people as a combination of body, mind and soul.

We value individual consultation and tune your treatments accordingly.

Source of energy, power & enjoyment of life

The wellness area in Panoramahotel Leidingerhof in Mondsee gives you the feeling you're up on a high alpine hut. It is furnished with old wood and is up on the second floor.

  The aroma steam room has a warm, moist climate with a temperature of approx. 45°. The sauna is infused with the scent of herbs, stimulating circulation, reducing stress and muscle tension. This method is perfect for people who can't tolerate high temperatures.

  The bio sauna is a more gentle sauna option, with a temperature of 55°. The classic finnish sauna is the traditional type – temperatures are typically high and is followed by cooling down in the rock shower.

  The infrared cabin is also a popular alternative to the sauna. The pleasant warmth has a positive influence on your whole well being.  

  In addition to the sauna, you can rejuvenate after an exciting active day in our large whirlpool (on request).

  And if that's not enough we have a sunbathing lawn with wonderful views & an outdoor pool.

In addition we offer massages with energizing essential oils:

  • classic back massage (relaxing) 25 min.
  • classic whole body massage (health promoting) 50 min.
  • foot reflexology (relaxing, balancing, improves health) 25 min.
  • hot stone (for the cold seasons of the year, relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, strengthens immune system, reduces stress) 50 min.
  • sport massage (refreshing, stimulating, tones muscle and tissue) 50 min.
Foot reflexology

Through pressure point stimulation at the reflex zones energy blockages are removed and the whole organism balanced and regulated – a tactile barefoot experience!

Manual lymph drainage

Accumulated fluid in our lymph nodes is transported away using special, gentle pressure massage and opening of the lymph system.

Brush massage

The classic brush massage is carried out dry ("dry massage"). This massage uses circular or stroking movements towards the centre of the body, beginning at the lower leg. Brushing the skin stimulates circulation, regulates blood pressure and should stimulate organs. At the same time, brushing has a peeling effect on the skin.

Herbal stamp massage

The herbal stamp massage, according to VITALIS Dr. Joseph, is an effective and intensive whole body treatment with natural oils, selected ORGANIC herbs and unique active ingredient synergies. The herbal packs are moved over the body using gentle pressure and intensive stamping. This stimulating technique together with the herbs help reduce stress while the finest aroma-massage oils provide a new vitality. Get started, balanced and full of energy.

Essential oil massage

The massage techniques and intensity are adapted according to your individual needs. Specialised massage techniques for a new body feeling, energizing and soothing at the same time. Relaxed and strengthened musculature supports breathing and provides relief for all manner of ailments. Highly effective natural oils, selected according to your therapeutic target, optimize the result. Adapting to the state of your muscles, the massage either activates or relaxes – ideally tailored for athletes, beginners and experts!

Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy is a fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the benefits of warm stones. Natural lava stones aid in deep relaxation and warming the muscles and skin. Particularly effective in releasing muscle tension. This massage, using warmth and pressure, has a detoxing, immune system strengthening and metabolism stimulating effect. Your whole organism is flooded with new vitality and energy.

Ourdoor pool with panorama view& sunbathing lawn

SWIMMING OUTDOORS UNDER BLUE SKY with view of the 'Drachenwand' mountain in Mondsee

If there is one thing the outdoor pool at Leidingerhof in Mondsee has, it is a VIEW. The unobstructed view of the 'Drachenwand' mountain, the Mondsee lake and surrounding mountain range is unparalleled. Early in the morning before breakfast or take your time and go in the afternoon. Swimming pleasure is guaranteed and the panorama sun terrace invites you to relax and reflect on the adventures of your vacation day in the Salzkammergut. The heated, covered outdoor pool is also open in the evening, from April til October.

We look forward to seeing you!