"We ❤ our home"

The Panorama Hotel Leidingerhof and the farm

For the love of the region
The ultimate holiday highlight for your children and an added bonus for your stay, a visit to the stable on our hotel farm. As well as the happy dairy cows and calves grazing on the high pastures, our cats look forward to a visit and some cuddles. Feed and watch the chickens, which lay fresh eggs for the next day. Maybe you'd like to be woken up by our farm rooster? 😉 It would be an honour for him. Learn more about dairy  farming and the type of work on a farm in Salzkammergut. Be there live when our cows are being milked. Taste the fresh, warm milk. Our guests at the Panoramahotel Leidingerhof are not only served the best products of the region, but you can also get involved yourself and be part of the production process. This is sustainability and regionality in action!

Our animals are gourmets

The cows and calves at Leidingerhof are definitely gourmet. No wonder - they get the finest meadow grass and hay, silage is not on their menu. The milk truck picks up the fresh milk every day to take it to the Wörle dairy in Henndorf. And of course we keep some for our kitchen to make wonderful tasty products like yoghurt, quark and spreads. You get to enjoy these delicacies every morning at breakfast on your holiday at Leidingerhof. You'll taste the difference to mass produced goods from the supermarket.

Option: Can you taste the difference? We bet on it!

Matters of the heart:

  • enjoy the benefits our hotel farm
  • hearty afternoon snacks with everything your heart desires
  • home produced milk, yoghurt, bread, marmelades and much more
  • guaranteed fresh
  • high animal welfare (cows, calves, hens etc)
  • no silage and GMO-free feed
  • visit to the farm for our little guests
  • children can run free
  • with parents permission, children can ride on the tractor

Ultimately, the Leidingerhof farm provided the basis for great success in the catering and hotel industries . Our guests benefit from this daily, enjoying the fresh products on their holiday.

Sustainability is our trend

Traditional life

It's always a thing with traditions. It usually costs alot of effort to preserve them. But some are easy. Because they make sense, are good and for us don't require effort but are a pleasure. Like, together with other farmers, taking care of the welfare of our livestock and delivering milk to a dairy we trust to turn it into fresh, tasty products.

We value regional produce. We love serving our guests fresh products and it is important to us to give visitors an authentic taste of the region. We want to create the perfect link between gastronomy and farming. To preserve the originality, honesty and authenticity of our region.

Anyone who likes to enjoy food wants to know where it comes from

We love our beautiful home, the nature and the products it provides. Our hotel and restaurant is a farm at the same time. In the Panoramahotel Leidingerhof work is carried out in the rhythm of nature, in line with the surrounding lake district. In our 4 star hotel in the Salzkammergut our guests enjoy fresh, home made products direct from our farm. In the kitchen of the Panoramahotel Leidingerhof the farm produce and seasonal ingredients of the region are transformed into delicious dishes and multi-course menus.

We spoil you with fresh 'Grander' water from our own spring throughout the whole hotel. Home made fresh bread for breakfast and at every meal. Depending on the season we treat you to home made lemonades and juices - all from our own garden. Home made marmelades, yoguhrt and not to mention fresh eggs from our happy chickens. You and our a la carte guests enjoy all that every morning at breakfast.  

We look forward to seeing you!