Your host & wish fulfiller

Family Stabauer

Andrea Stabauer - the soul of the house is responsible for your culinary wellbeing. She gives all dishes the finishing touches and provides wonderful meals every day from morning til night. The special ambience in the hotel and especially in the garden is her doing. Andrea lives for the family and for the Leidingerhof and you can feel that in every corner.

Hans Stabauer - head of the house and fine brandy sommelier, he spoils you with his finest samples and greets you in the restaurant. Not to mention looking after the farm and seeing to the smooth running of the Leidingerhof.

Carina Stabauer - daughter of the house, bringer of ideas and responsible for the reception. She does all sorts of things and does her best to grant your wishes right from the initial contact. Carina is happy to help in the restaurant too.

Hansi Staubauer - son of the house, is always the saviour in times of need.

Magdalena Stabauer - the little one of the house, helps in the kitchen and in service.

Valentina Stabauer - she is our sunshine and wish fulfiller, and puts a smile on everyone's face.

We look forward to seeing you!