Wedding at Leidingerhof

Our newlyweds say ...

Marina & Mario

October 2023

We were able to celebrate our wedding with you on October 7th, 2023 and the day was perfect for us. Would do everything exactly the same again. In fantastic weather, the champagne reception outside, great hall with winter garden. The new “Bridestehlhalle” was just right for us.
The food, the rooms with a great breakfast and, above all, the atmosphere at our wedding were excellent.  Thank you for this great day with you.

Eva & Michael

September 2023

We celebrated our wedding on September 16th, 2023 & wedding ceremony at the Leidingerhof.
Thank you again for this great celebration, the great atmosphere and the absolutely delicious food.
We will remember this day that we were able to celebrate with you for a long time.

Christine & Christoph

September 2023

Our wedding in Mondsee

On September 2nd, 2023 we got married in Mondsee Castle. Afterwards we said yes in church in the Hilfbergkirche.
Afterwards we continued to the champagne reception at the Leidingerhof.
With a beautiful panoramic view, warm welcome, excellent food, feel-good atmosphere & friendly person.
It was a wonderfully beautiful day  & even our expectations were exceeded.

Julia & Michael

July 2023

Beatrice & Chris

May 2023

We said yes to each other on May 20, 2023 in the registry office in Mondsee and then celebrated at the Leidingerhof. When we arrived there, we received a warm welcome and, in the wonderful spring weather, we enjoyed the breathtaking view over Lake Mondsee, which is simply perfect as a photo backdrop. In the lovingly decorated hall, people dined and celebrated until the early hours of the morning. We also stayed overnight in one of the beautiful rooms at the Leidingerhof and ended our wedding celebration as a bride and groom on the balcony with a unique sunrise over Lake Mondsee and its mountains.

Katrin & Thomas

October 2022


We got married on 22.10.2022 in Talgauegg and celebrated our wonderful wedding at Panorama Hotel Leidingehof with our family and all our friends.

Carina & Bernd

October 2022

Hilfsberg Church

On the 15th of October 2022 the day had come! Our guests accompanied us to the Hilfberg church then to the Leidingerhof in Mondsee. Tears of joy and more tears of joy ... and aching muscles from laughing and dancing. A day exactly to our taste!

Cornelia & Thomas

September 2022

Our wedding

A big thank you to Family Stabauer. Our wedding on 10.9. was so perfect. We felt so good and would do it all again. Your warmth and your passion were contagious. Thank you.

Jaqueline & Armin

August 2022

Standesamt Mondsee

In August 2022 we got married at the Mondsee registry office. From there we went on to a champagne reception at Leidingerhof. Surrounded by a unique panorama we were warmly welcomed and excellently hosted. In a wonderful ambience, we really enjoyed our day - no wish went unfulfilled.

Verena & Raphael

August 2022

Stiftkirche St. Peter

On the 6th of August 2022 in St. Peters church in Salzburg we tied the knot. To celebrate we invited our guests to the Panaromahotel Leidingerhof and there had an unforgettable time. The view, the food, the mood and especially the atmosphere were excellent!

Daniela & Bernhard

July 2022

Mariahilf pilgrimage church

On the 9th of July 2022 in the presence of family and friends in Mondsee, we said yes to each other. After the ceremony in the registry office then in the Mariahilf pilgrimage church we celebrated our wedding at Leidingerhof. With beautiful weather, good food and magnificent panorama we fully enjoyed our special day.



Kathrin & Alexander

May 2022

Marien church in Irrsdorf

On the 21st of May 2022 we were granted perfect weather for our wedding. The church ceremony took place in the Marien church in Irrsdorf, followed by champagne reception outside at the Leidingerhof. The panorama, the good food, the band and the beautiful location made the day perfect for us. We thank the Stabauer family for the fabulous service and unforgettable day.

Rosina & Gerald

May 2022

St.Lorenz church

On 07.05.2022 we got married in the St.Lorenz church. Then off to the Panorama Hotel Leidingerhof to celebrate. After the champagne reception we enjoyed a 3-course menu. The 'stealing of the bride' custom and evening party rounded off our day. It was a wonderful day despite not so nice weather.

Sophie & Benjamin

April 2022

at Leidingerhof

On 24.04.2022 in Mondsee we said yes to each other. To celebrate with our guests we chose the Leidingerhof with fantastic panorama views. We were welcomed with a champagne reception. Followed by good food, fabulous atmosphere and super friendly personnel. A great family run hotel.

Daniela & Florian

September 2021

With the 'Traunerl' boat to the island

On 25.09.2021 with summer weather we celebrated a unique and unforgettable wedding. The registry office marriage took place in the St. Gilgen municipal office, then we went down to the lake and got into a 'Traunerl', an old traditional wooden boat. This took us and the wedding party to the tiny island with a cross, where we had our church wedding. Afterwards at Leidingerhof we were treated to a champagne reception. The panorama, the personnel, good food, band and the location were perfect. We can totally recommend the Leidingerhof under the direction of the family Stabauer.

Lisa & Michael

September 2020

Oberwanger Konrad church

On 12.09.2020 with fabulous weather we were able to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. At lunchtime we were married in the impressive Oberwanger Konrad church after which we made our way to Mondsee. With champagne reception including coffee and cake outside, the Leidingerhof gave us a magical afternoon. We continued to enjoy the views from the wedding hall and winter garden, the DJ music and stealing of the bride added to the atmosphere of fun. We really enjoyed our wedding day and wish to thank Family Stabauer!

Moni & Flo

September 2020

Wedding in Mondsee

We celebrated on 05.09.2020 our registry office and church wedding in Mondsee. With perfect late summer weather, we then continued up at the Leidingerhof. The super weather, perfect service and very friendly personnel, excellent food, wonderful location with magnificent backdrop enabled us and the whole wedding party to enjoy a fabulous day, exceeding our expectations.
A huge thank you to the Stabauer family.

Summary: highly recommended 😊

Daniela & Florian

June 2019

Wedding in Thalgau

Our wedding day began on June 8th, 2019 in Thalgau. After the beautiful civil wedding in Thalgau, we met at the Panoramagasthof Leidingerhof for a champagne reception. After eating together in the beautifully decorated wedding hall and the rustic bride stealing, we ended the day on the terrace with a great view of Lake Mondsee.

Lisa & Markus

May 2019

In the beautiful Mondseeland

We celebrated our wedding on 25.05.2019 at Panoramagasthof Leidingerhof in the beautiful Mondseeland. Not only the views, but also the good food, friendly service and relaxed athmosphere made our day very special. We love to think back to that day and would like to thank the Stabauer family for the smooth running of our wedding celebrations!

Karin & Thomas

June 2018

Segnung in St. Lorenz

Our wedding day on 23.06.2018 began in the Panorama Hotel Leidingerhof, after the ceremony in Mondsee and the church blessing in St. Lorenz. Celebrating with family and friends, we stayed outside a long time, enjoying the super atmosphere, delicious food, good service, the perfect weather and wonderful view! For us everything was simply perfect!

Kathrin & Florian

May 2018

In the Maria Attersee church

On 26.5.2018 after the ceremony in the Maria Attersee church we headed to Mondsee, the weather was beautiful. There, surrounded by a magnificent backdrop, we were received with a glass of champagne. We continued with food and celebrations in the lovely wedding hall and winter garden in Hotel Leidingerhof, with unbelievably fabulous view of the Mondsee lake.

Yvonne & Alfons

April 2018

Wedding with lake cruise

On 14.04.2018 our day began with a delicious, relaxed breakfast in Leidingerhof. Then a truly romantic ceremony in the Mondsee registry office, after which we all hopped on the excursion train to the beautiful Mondsee lake. There we enjoyed a wonderful lake cruise. From there, we and our family and friends were heartily greeted at the Leidingerhof with champagne. With an awesome view and delicious food in the hotel wedding hall, we celebrated our perfect day til late in the night. The service by the Stabauer family was altogether perfect and we felt like one of the family ❤️